We provide DPF Services and Engine Remapping to our motor trade customers. We are a multi-award winning company with exceptional customer service standards, just see our independent customer Reviews. We are Institute of Motor Industry certified (IMI) technicians.

As specialists we do not offer normal garage services and repairs. Our people, tools, technology and systems are tuned in to our specialist areas of work only which allows us to continue to develop our knowledge and expertise to remain at the forefront in our field of work. Our services are used by franchised Main Dealers, Independent Garages, Fleet Managers and Private Individuals.

DPF Services (Diesel Particulate Filter)

  • Independent Garages – Are you losing money turning away customers with DPF problems?
  • Franchised Main Dealers – Need a cheaper solution to blocked DPF’s for valued out-of-warranty customers?
  • Car Dealers – Got a vehicle with a blocked DPF in stock or with a customer?

Zensport offer all DPF Solutions available under one roof. We have the knowledge and the equipment to resolve all your DPF related problems on:-
Car – Van – Taxi – HGV – Bus – Plant – Machinery – Agricultural – Marine

We offer a flexible and affordable trade service to meet your needs. We can do the complete DPF job, or just deal with the DPF unit only. Always a fast turnaround, with same day service also avialable.

If you are new to DPF problems we can guide you to find a suitable and affordable solution. Call us now for free expert advice, we guarantee you will receive friendly & knowledgeable information.

Engine Remapping

  • Independent Garages – Got a problem with EGR, DPF, CAT, Swirl Flaps or other DTC problems?
  • Franchised Main Dealers – Need a performance upgrade or to overcome Euro 6 lag to close a sale?
  • Car Dealers – Need to offer a performance upgrade or offer a special-deal to close a sale?

We offer solutions to many problems on modern vehicles through Engine Remapping. We have the knowledge and the equipment to help you.

We are fully equipped to deal with ECU software programming, either via OBD or ECU out bench work. Our work is carried out in-house at our Braintree site. We generally work on modern cars and light commercials many of which are brand new, but we can also work on vehicles from 2003 to date.

Typically our trade customers will use our service to:-

  • Sell a vehicle where the customer was looking for a higher power model.
  • Sell a vehicle by throwing in a better package, or as an upsell on the deal.
  • Fix problems related to EGR, DPF, CAT etc. Remove flat spots, turbo lag, speed limit etc.
  • Restore a previously tuned vehicle back to original factory state.

Remapping Professionals

  • Mobile Remappers – Losing out on business becuase you do not have the latest equipment or current subscriptions?
  • Independent Garages – Want to earn extra revenue by offering Engine Remapping services?
  • Business opportunity – Looking for a profitable new Engine Remapping career?

Talk to us, we have the knowledge and the equipment to help you.

One-off jobs: If you are an existing OBD only remapping service and do not have Bench tools for ECU out jobs, why not partner up with us. You simply send or bring in the ECU and we will programme it for you. We can offer same day and while you wait services if its urgent. We can also do the same if your OBD subs are out or OBD is just not working.

Authorised Installation Centre: Why not join our team of resellers and offer our professional services through your company/brand. You can offer our services to your existing customers and also attract new customers and add a new revenue stream to your business. You have very little to do or learn as we will do all the work. We will charge you trade prices and you resale at normal retail price.

Sub-Dealer: If you would like to get involved in a more serious way we offer a complete Sub-Dealer package. We will supply you with hardware equipment, online software platform, training and marketing/technical support so that you can carry out the work yourself. You will have access to all our services and full ongoing support so you will never feel alone. The package is flexible so it can be tailored to your needs. Of course this will have an initial set-up cost but we keep it to a minimum investment.

Please call for more information. We do not send out brochures or info packs so you will actually have to talk to us!

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We cover all makes and models.

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