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Welcome to Zensport, we are the leading DPF specialists in East Anglia since 2008. We provide a full range of Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) services to the motor trade and public. We are recommended by AA, RAC, Main Dealers and Independent Garages. We offer a one stop, professional DPF service for Cars, Taxi’s, Light Commercials, HGV’s, Plant and Machinery.

We will successfully resolve any DPF problem on your vehicle GUARANTEED!

DPF Services
  • Are you having problems with your DPF?
  • DPF or Anti-Pollution warning lights on your dash?
  • Car in “limp home” safety mode?
  • Poor acceleration and MPG?
  • Facing expensive repair costs to replace the DPF?
  • Confused what the best solution is for you?

DPF problems can be complex and expensive if you are not familiar with them. We can help you to find a suitable and affordable solution and get you back on the road quickly. Learn more about Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

If you have a DPF related problem, call us now for free expert advice. We guarantee you will receive friendly & knowledgeable information and make huge savings over main dealer costs.

Zensport DPF Service

By the time your DPF warning lights are visible or worse your vehicle is in limp mode, your DPF will already be significantly clogged, so a “blast down the motorway” or using a DPF cleaning fuel additive at this stage will not cure the problem, in fact you may do more harm to your engine damaging parts like the turbo and injectors. These solutions work better as routine preventative maintenance. Click here to see what should I be aware of?

What are my options?

Flash Machine Clean

Flash Machine Clean

This is the preferred choice for 90% of our customers. The DPF unit is removed from the vehicle and cleaned in our state-of-the-art Flash DPF Cleaning Machine. This TUV approved process delivers amazing results, safely cleaning all soot deposits including the tiny, harmful PM10 size particles, oxides, Ad Blue deposits, oil residue and all other contaminants. This type of DPF cleaning is far superior to traditional Heat Treatment, Ultrasonic, Carbon, Hydrogen, Chemical or any Mobile cleaning services. Your DPF is tested before and after the clean and you will receive the verified test results with your DPF cleaning report. We are so confident on our cleaning service we give you a unique 12mth/50,000 mile warranty.

Option 1: Full Service

This service is carried out in our workshops and includes all diagnostics, removal and refitting of the DPF unit, ECU adaptations/resets and road test. Just drop in or recover your vehicle to us and we’ll do the rest. Turnaround time is usually one day (after receipt).

Option 2: DPF Unit Only

If you have your own mechanic, or are too far away to visit us, we can machine clean your DPF unit only and return it to you. You can drop in/collect from us in person, or we can collect/deliver to you by our van. If you are too far away from us, we can organise collection and delivery nationwide, by courier service. Turnaround is normally same day (after receipt).

Full Service Chemical Clean

Full Service Chemical Clean

This is a cheaper option and effective when a DPF is prematurely blocked (i.e. vehicle has done under 60,000 miles), or as preventative maintenance. We use professional equipment and chemical treatments to clean your existing DPF (not just fuel additives). The work is carried out directly on the DPF unit while it remains on the vehicle, so reducing labour cost. This service is not recommended on vehicles with more than 70,000 miles, or if the vehicle has gone into Reduced Power mode (Limp mode), because the DPF unit will be substantially clogged and nearing its end of life. In this case the Flash Machine clean will represent better value.

This service is carried out in our workshops and includes all diagnostics, chemical cleaning of the DPF unit, ECU adaptations/resets and road test. Turnaround time is usually one day (after receipt).

DPF Replacement

We replace your DPF unit with a manufacturer original part (OE) or a high quality replacement unit if available at a fraction of the cost. It is very important to note that there are many cheap DPF units for sale from eBay and motor parts sellers that do not function properly because they do not have the expensive catalyst coating/minerals, using this type of unit is false economy as they will block up again very quickly. We use British made, certified products with catalyst coating that have been tried and tested to perform well over time. We will carry out diagnostic checks, replace the DPF unit, recalibrate the ECU and reset the warning lights.


DPF Removal

It is possible to modify a vehicle to operate without a DPF. The process is reversible so a DPF can be refitted again in future. This is not a solution for vehicles on UK/EU roads, it is for vehicles exported to countries with poor grade fuel or other conditions where a DPF fails to function properly.

This solution is effective but not suitable for most. You will be breaking UK/EU law by using a vehicle on public roads with the DPF removed. Your insurance and any warranty are also likely to be invalidated and not to mention your vehicle will emit harmful particles into the environment. From February 2014 the UK MOT test includes a check for the presence of a DPF if it was fitted as standard equipment. The MOT checks have become increasingly more strict since. We would not recommend removing your DPF if you intend to use your vehicle on UK/EU public roads.

DPF Reinstatement

DPF Reinstatement

If you have previously removed your DPF, or have recently bought a vehicle and discovered it has had the DPF removed, you may be looking to return the vehicle to original standard and a road legal condition…we can do that for you.
We will check what parts are required, fit them and crucially, reprogramme the engine ECU mapping accordingly so that your vehicle operates as it should.

DPF Regeneration

If your DPF has blocked prematurely, we use specialist electronic tools to run a Static or Dynamic Regeneration process. This is in fact forcing the vehicle to perform the Passive Regeneration process which it should have been doing automatically every 300 miles or so, but may have failed due to the usage of the vehicle or due to a component or system failure. We carry out a full diagnostic check to assess the problem, fix any issues if necessary and carry out the regeneration if appropriate.

Depending on circumstances this may not be the best solution. If the vehicle has done over 70,000 miles, we will not attempt to regenerate the vehicle as it may cause more harm to your vehicle and melt the DPF core. We will advise you of our opinion in advance.

The ideal DPF solution for you depends on your circumstances e.g. type, condition and usage of your vehicle, how long you intend to keep the vehicle and your budget. Each option has its own merits. If you are unsure, please call us, we will be happy to discuss all the options with you.

If your DPF warning light or Anti-Pollution warning is on, please do not ignore it. Get professional advice, consider your options carefully and attend to the problem. Leaving it will cause unexpected problems like sudden breakdowns and inevitably cost you much more in additional repair bills. In some cases it can also be dangerous.

DPF Solutions are our core business not a sideline. Our work is carried out at our facilities in Braintree, Essex, to best-in-industry standards and come with class leading guarantees. Servicing the DPF properly is a technical and sophisticated process using advanced equipment and we are acknowledged experts in our field. We can carry out DPF service work on almost all diesel vehicles including Cars, 4×4’s, Light Commercials, HGV’s, Plant, Machinery and Agricultural vehicles.

DPF systems are closely connected to other engine components e.g EGR valves, Turbo, Injectors, Sensors etc, so it is important to evaluate the cause of a DPF system failure. If you are experiencing DPF problems on your personal, fleet, or forecourt vehicle, please contact us for impartial professional advice.

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