Industry leading Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) cleaning service

Welcome to Zensport, we are the leading DPF specialists in East Anglia since 2008.

We provide industry leading Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) cleaning service to the motor trade and public. We are recommended by AA, RAC, Main Dealers and Independent Garages. We offer a professional DPF cleaning service for Cars, Taxi’s, Light Commercials, HGV’s, Plant and Machinery and offer 3 DPF cleaning options.

We will successfully machine clean your DPF and WARRANTY it for 12 months/50,000 miles … No charge if we fail!

Flash Machine Clean

Flash Machine Clean

This is the preferred choice for 95% of our customers. The DPF unit is removed from your vehicle and cleaned in our state-of-the-art Flash DPF Cleaning Machine.

This TUV approved process delivers amazing results, safely cleaning all soot deposits including the tiny, harmful PM10 size particles, oxides, Ad Blue deposits, oil residue and all other contaminants. This type of DPF cleaning is far superior to traditional Heat Treatment, Ultrasonic, Carbon, Hydrogen, Chemical or any Mobile cleaning services.

Your DPF is tested before and after the clean and you will receive the verified test results with your DPF cleaning report. We are so confident on our cleaning service we give you a unique 12mth/50,000 mile warranty.

Option 1: Full Service

This service is carried out in our workshops and includes all diagnostics, removal and refitting of the DPF unit, ECU adaptations/resets and road test. Just drop in or recover your vehicle to us and we’ll do the rest. Turnaround time is usually one day (after receipt).

Option 2: DPF Unit Only

If you have your own mechanic, or are too far away to visit us, we can machine clean your DPF unit only and return it to you. You can drop in/collect from us in person, or we can collect/deliver to you by our van. If you are too far away from us, we can organise collection and delivery nationwide by courier service. Turnaround is normally same day (after receipt).

Full Service Chemical Clean

This is a cheaper option and effective when a DPF is prematurely blocked (i.e. vehicle has done under 60,000 miles), or as preventative maintenance. We use professional equipment and chemical treatments to clean your existing DPF (not just fuel additives). The work is carried out directly on the DPF unit while it remains on the vehicle, so reducing labour cost. This service is not recommended on vehicles with more than 70,000 miles, or if the vehicle has gone into Reduced Power mode (Limp mode), because the DPF unit will be substantially clogged and nearing its end of life. In this case the Flash Machine clean will represent better value.

This service is carried out in our workshops and includes all diagnostics, chemical cleaning of the DPF unit, ECU adaptations/resets and road test. Turnaround time is usually one day (after receipt).

If you are unclear on which is the best DPF solution for you, please call us. We will be happy to discuss all the options with you. We guarantee you will make savings over main dealer repair costs.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

10 reasons why people trust Zensport for DPF problems…

  1. DPF Specialists since 2008 – It’s what we do every day, not just a sideline
  2. Qualified technicians – Only trained and experienced DPF technicians will work on your vehicle
  3. Recommended by – AA, RAC, Main Dealers, Independent Garages
  4. 12month / 50,000 mile warranty – Unique warranty on all machine cleans
  5. High End Equipment – We use Best-in-Industry equipment, not counterfeit machinery
  6. Unrivalled customer service and aftercare – See our reviews on Google and Facebook
  7. Established Company – Fully Insured, VAT registered & UK registered company
  8. Delivery & collection service – You can also drop/collect your car/dpf unit at any time 24/7
  9. Dependable – You can rely on us for a good job done at the quoted price and on time
  10. Fair pricing – Fixed pricing so you know what to expect and good value for money

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If your DPF warning light or Anti-Pollution warning is on, please do not ignore it. Get professional advice, consider your options and attend to the problem. Leaving it will cause unexpected problems like sudden breakdowns and inevitably cost you much more in additional repair bills.

How can I find out more?

Click here to see our article on What I should be aware of? and here to see our Other DPF Services.

Just give us a call on 01376 335947 to discuss your requirements and any questions you may have. You can speak directly to one of our technicians if you wish, just ask. We will be happy to help you with any advice and arrangements e.g. bookings, out of hours drop off or collection times, car hire etc.

If you wish to speak to us face to face, please feel free to pop in for an informal chat with no obligation.


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