Looking to Smarten up your Wheels?

  • Got a buckled, damaged or corroded wheel?
  • Alloys looking tired and old?
  • Bored with the colour of your wheels?
  • Want a temporary colour change for an occasion?
  • Want to get a better price when selling your vehicle?

We can help…

We are conveniently located in Braintree within easy reach from Herts, Essex, Suffolk and London


Are the good looks of your pride and joy being spoilt by damage to your alloy wheels? Or just fancy a change of style but don’t want the expense of a brand new set? Why replace them when you can save big money and have them refurbished?

We offer a class leading wheel refurbishment service. We can repair, straighten, refurbish and colour change most types of alloy wheels and also steel wheels. Not to be confused with the usual temporary cosmetic touch-up job often provided by a “man in a van”. Most mobile services cannot prepare the wheel thoroughly or strip off all the old coatings and sometimes they don’t even remove the tyre but just mask it off. That’s no way to provide a quality finish. See how we do below.

For some added fun we offer a temporary colour change service too, so if you have a lease car or want some loud n lairy wheels just for a special occasion, we can do that for you. When you are done simply peel off the plastic colour coating and restore your wheels back to standard.

We can refurbish…

  • Alloy Wheels
  • Polished Alloy Wheels
  • Diamond Cut Wheels
  • Split Rims
  • Race Wheels
  • Steel Wheels

How we do…

  • First tyres, valves and balancing weights are all removed from the wheel.
  • All alloy wheels are chemically stripped to remove dirt and chemical deposits. Depending on their existing condition they may also need to be shot blasted to remove serious corrosion or any stubborn particles that remain.
  • Each wheel is carefully inspected at this stage before repairing the damage to the rim and face and build up a new finish. Please note we cannot repair badly buckled, dented or cracked wheels as this could present a future safety issue. Light damage is usually not a problem.
  • Wheels are then put into the oven to remove any trapped air.
  • Next its application of the powder coating primer and then back into the oven to be baked for a length of time to ensure the primer has cured fully.
  • After cooling down the wheel is fully painted and then back in the oven. The process is repeated if necessary depending on your choice of finish.
  • When the finish is correct, a powder coat lacquer is applied to the face and inside of the wheel and baked in the oven once again. After cooling each wheel is quality inspected.
  • Finally a new valve is fitted and the tyres are put back on the wheel, they are then fully balanced using modern stick on weights to the inside of the wheel. If you have left your vehicle with us we then put the refurbished wheels back on ready for your collection.

As you can see its much more than a quick rub down and spray. The result is a superb, long lasting finish often better than the original.

If a quality long lasting finish is important to you contact us now. You may be surprised how affordable our prices are. One thing is for sure, you will be amazed how your car can be transformed just by smartening up the wheels.

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