Want extra Performance but Remap not suitable?

  • Looking for extra power, response and economy?
  • Remapping not available for your vehicle?
  • Vehicle still under manufacturer warranty?
  • Vehicle on a short lease arrangement?
  • Are you too far to get to us for a remap?

We can help…

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What is a Tuning Box?

ECU Remapping is the obvious first choice for modern vehicle tuning as so many parameters can be recalibrated for a truly custom tuning experience. However, there are occasions when a remap is not available, suitable or convenient. On these occasions the answer is a high quality, add on Tuning Box.


A Tuning Box is an electronic device that plugs in to the fuel system of your vehicle under the bonnet. Tuning Boxes are available for most Turbo Diesel engines including Cars, Vans, Commercial and Agricultural vehicles. Typically a Tuning Box will enhance performance by up to 25% and reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%. Of course this varies from model to model and how you drive the vehicle.

Installation is fairly easy meaning you can do it yourself or we can install for you. Importantly you can remove the system easily yourself and reinstall again later should you want to. It leaves no trace on the engine or the vehicle ECU and no special tools are required.

Why would I use a Tuning Box?

If you are looking to improve the performance of your turbo diesel vehicle but an ECU Remap is not available or suitable, you can choose a Tuning Box as an alternative solution. If an ECU Remap is possible it will always the better option. An ECU Remap may not be possible because:-

  • The correct protocols are not available for your model so we cannot offer an ECU Remap.
  • Your vehicle is very new and under the manufacturer’s warranty and you do not want to risk invalidating the warranty.
  • Your vehicle is very new and under a short leasing agreement and you are not allowed to remap the engine.
  • You live too far away from us or outside the UK and are not able to bring your vehicle to us for a remap.
  • For whatever reason you want to be able to install and remove the device without leaving any trace on your vehicle.

If you are confused whether to go for an ECU Remap or a Tuning Box, please give us a call and we will help you select the most suitable option for your circumstances.

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