Looking for Suspension or Exhaust upgrades?

  • Confused what the best solution is for you?
  • Fed up of looking online for the “best deal”?
  • Want some professional advice and guidance?
  • Want products that will fit and work properly?
  • Want professional fitting and set up of your new parts?

We can help…

We are conveniently located in Braintree within easy reach from Herts, Essex, Suffolk and London

Why buy from Zensport?


Unlike most online retailers we are directly involved in preparing and maintaining performance road cars, track cars and race cars. We test performance parts on track days and also at competition level when we are racing… which means we understand tuning parts.

If you need advice we are here to help you. We are happy to supply the parts only or supply and fit. You can buy with confidence knowing the part will perform as it should and thereafter if you need any assistance after your purchase we will do our best to put things right.

We are not a parts shop, but a tuning specialist. We only sell selected products which we have found to be the best in class over the years. So if you are looking for more than “the cheapest on-line price” and appreciate quality parts, knowledgeable advice and aftersale support is important to you, you have come to the right place. We are official distributors of the following Brands:-

pp2Powerflex Poly Bushes – An essential upgrade for all motor enthusiasts to improve handling and road holding. Also a sensible upgrade when replacing worn rubber bushes on standard road cars as these bushes will last a lot longer so you will not have to do the job again soon. We offer the full range of bushes and mounts including road and race ranges. Simply the very best poly bushes available with the bonus of a lifetime warranty. If you have never used poly bushes before just ask us for advice. Powerflex is a British product with excellent aftersale support.


pp3Eibach Springs – Simply the best performance springs on the market. A huge range is available including comfort road, fast road, track and full motorsport springs and a superb range of performance Anti-Roll bars, Wheel Spacers and Wheel Alignment products. Essential upgrades for enthusiasts to improve stance, handling and road holding. Eibach springs are also a sensible upgrade when replacing worn springs on prestige and performance road cars. Eibach is a German product with a huge British presence and excellent aftersale support.


pp4 Bilstein Shocks – The finest range of shock absorbers (dampers) available. The full range includes standard replacement parts for road cars (usually cheaper than dealer prices), performance road, road & track use and full motorsport parts. Whatever your needs you can be confident that Bilstein will have a suitable system at a price that may surprise you. Bilstein is a German product with a huge British presence and excellent aftersale support.

pp5Gaz Shocks– Performance Coilover kits ideal for track day and club racing applications. Not only are these kits built for the purpose with on car adjustable height and damper settings, but you can also specify your choice of spring rates too. Importantly Gaz warranty covers track use unlike most other suspension brands. Being a British product with their factory in Essex, means all suspension kits can be serviced, repaired and upgraded and spare parts are available at very reasonable cost. Of course you can also use these kits for road use too. Prices are very attractive when you compare like for like with other brands.


pp6Pro Sport Suspension – These are our entry level coilover suspension kits. Not the last word in performance suspension, but ideal for normal road use for that perfect stance with road comfort. These are also suitable as replacement of worn standard suspension as you get all round new springs and dampers usually for much less than standard aftermarket parts. Adjustable height allows drops from about 20mm to 65mm, shortened drop links may be required on some applications. Made in EU theses kits start from just £160 for a full set! We have been very impressed with Pro Sport especially bearing in mind the low price.

pp7Scorpion Exhausts – High quality performance exhausts made in Britain. When looking for a performance exhaust system there is a huge choice out there. Over the years we have come to prefer Scorpion because they are a properly engineered product so they fit well and perform well. Every system is specifically designed for the application and tested for fit and performance. Moreover, Scorpion Exhausts suit our customers, they are not “boy racer dustbins”, but a quality product with a nice sound that is pleasantly noticeable but not noisy or cheap sounding. They are also very attractively priced when compared like for like with other big brands and also competitive as a replacement part for prestige and performance cars e.g. BMW, Audi etc.

We are here to help you select, fit and set up the most suitable upgrade parts available at a budget to suit your wallet. You will be amazed how your car can be transformed for a reasonable cost, equally you may be amazed that simply fitting the most expensive parts will not necessarily give you the results you expect! The secret is in knowing what to fit and how to set it up.

If you are looking  for a suspension or exhaust upgrade, give us a call now 01376 335947