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We provide a wide range of Advanced Remapping Services to the public and also to the motor trade. We work on all makes and models including Supercars, Prestige and Performance cars, SUV’s, Everyday Road cars, Vans, Pick-Ups and Motorhomes. We work with Turbocharged Petrol, Turbocharged Diesel and Normally Aspirated Petrol engines.

Engine Remapping Services
Our custom ecu remapping service will optimise the performance of your vehicle to your very own personal requirements. Whether you want more performance, better economy, more towing power, to remove flat spots, remove turbo lag, or simply improve the overall driving pleasure, we can do it for you safely and you will love the results. Our touch of expertise will bring out the best from your vehicle, guaranteed or your money back.

“Please note that BHP and Torque gains (commonly flaunted by most remapping services) do not tell the whole story. The true performance you feel when actually driving on the road will depend on the quality and power delivery design of the new map. A generic or incorrect map design may not perform to your expectations even though the quoted BHP looks good.”

Why have “off the shelf” when you can have “tailor made”?

We are conveniently located in Braintree within easy reach from Herts, Essex, Suffolk and London

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Just give us a call on 01376 335947 to discuss your requirements and any questions you may have. You can speak directly to one of our technicians if you wish, just ask. We will be happy to help you with any advice and arrangements e.g. bookings, convenient or out of hours drop off or collection times, car hire etc.

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We are conveniently located in Braintree within easy reach from Herts, Essex, Suffolk and London